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Wed May 17 2017
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BiBO Crystal

BiBO (BiB3O6) NLO crystal has large effective nonlinear coeffcient and inertness with respect to moisture. BiBO crystal's nonlinear coefficient is 3.5-4 times higher than that of LBO or 1.5-2 times higher than that of BBO. BiBO crystal is a promising doubling crystal to produce blue laser. The top-seeded solution growth (TSSG) technique is used for the growth of BiBO single crystals. BiBO crystal is relatively expensive comparing to other Borate-family crystals BBO and LBO.

BiBO crystal

BiBO crystal has another important application in efficient generation of ultrabright entangled photons through blue pumped spontaneous parametric down conversions (SPDC).

BiBO Crystal Properties

Crystal Structure: Monoclinic,Point group 2
Lattice Parameter: a=7.116Å, b=4.993Å, c=6.508Å, β=105.62°, Z=2
Melting Point: 726°C
Mohs Hardness: 5-5.5
Density: 5.033 g/cm³
Thermal Expansion coefficient: a:4.8x10E-5/K, b:4.4x10E-6/K, c:-2.69x10E-5/K
Transparency Range: 286-2500nm
Absorption Coefficient: <0.1%/cm at 1064nm
Physical Axis X//b,(Z,a)=31.6°,(Y,c)=47.2°
SHG @ 1064 Phase matching angle:168.9° from z axis in YZ plane
Deff: 3.0+/-0.1 pm/V
Angular acceptance: 2.3 mrad-cm
Walk-off angle: 25.6 mrad
temperature acceptance: 2.2°C-cm
Sellmeier coefficients:
ni2(λ)=A+B /(λ2-C)-Dλ2 (λ in um)
n1: A=3.6545 B=0.0511 C=0.0371 D=0.0226
n2: A=3.0740 B=0.0323 C=0.0316 D=0.01337
n3: A=3.1685 B=0.0373 C=0.0346 D=0.01750

BiBO Crystal Specifications

Dimension Tolerance: +0/-0.1mm(WxH) and+0.1/-0.2mm thickness
Surface Quality: 10-5 Scratch-dig
Flatness: <λ/8 @633nm
Chamfer: 0.1mm@45°
Clear Aperture: Central 90% of Diameter
Parallelism: <10 arc seconds
Perpendicular: <10 arc minutes
Orientation Angle: +/-0.25°
Damage Threshold: 0.3GW/cm²@1064nm10ns
Coating:Dual wavelength AR coating: R<0.2%

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