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Wed May 17 2017
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Borofloat/Pyrex Window

Borosilicate glass has very low coefficients of thermal expansion (~3.3 × 10-6/°C at 20°C). Windows made of Borosilicate glass are less subject to thermal stress than BK7 windows.

Borofloat 33 Propertiy

Transmission Range : 350nm to 2.1μm
Refractive Index : 1.47140 @ 587.6nm
Abbe Constant: 65.41
Max. Operating Temperature : 450°C
Thermal Conductivity : 1.2 W m-1 K-1
Thermal Expansion : 3.25 x 10-6 K-1
Specific Heat Capacity : 830 J Kg-1 K-1
Hardness : Knoop 480
Density : 2.2 g/cm3
Borofloat Window


Dimension Tolerance: +0.00/-0.1 mm
Thickness Tolerance: +0/-0.2mm
Parallelism: <3'
Surface Quality: Up to 10/5
Clear Aperture: 90% of diameter
Flatness: <λ/10
Bevel: 0.25mm @45°
Coating: Available upon request


1. Borofloat Window

BOF08-1, Ø8 x 1 mm Borofloat Flat Window


BOF12-2, Ø12.7 x 2 mm Borofloat Flat Window


BOF25-3, Ø25.4 x 3 mm Borofloat Flat Window


BOF25-5, Ø50.8 x 5 mm Borofloat Flat Window


BOF50-8, Ø50.8 x 8 mm Borofloat Flat Window


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Borofloat Window Inquiry

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