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Wed May 17 2017
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RTP Crystal

RTP (Rubidium Titanyle Phosphate, RbTiOPO4) is an isomorph of KTP crystal which is used in nonlinear and Electro Optical applications. RTP crystal has advantages of higher damage threshold(about 1.8 times of KTP), high resistivity, high repetition rate, no hygroscopic and no induce piezo-electric effect with electrical signals up to 60 kHz. RTP crystal transmission range is 350nm to 4500nm.

RTP Crystal

RTP Crystal Physical and Optical Properties

Crystal structure: Orthorhombic
Cell Parameters: a = 12.96 Å; b =10.56 Å; c =6.49 Å
Mohs hardness: about 5
Density: 3.6 g/cm³
Melting Point: about 1000°C
Thermal Expansion Coefficients (/K):
α(x) = 1.01x10E-5, α(y) = 1.37x10E-5, α(z) = -4.17x10E-6
Sellmeier equations(λ in µm)
nx²=2.15559 + 0.93307[1 -(0.20994/λ)²] - 0.01452λ²
ny²=2.38494 + 0.73603[1 -(0.23891/λ)²] - 0.01583λ²
nz²=2.27723 + 1.11030[1 -(0.23454/λ)²] - 0.01995λ²
Thermo-optical coefficients (dn/dT): -0.029 nm / °C
Electro-optic constants(Y-cut): r33=38.5 pm/V
(X-cut): r33=35 pm/V, r23=12.5 pm/V, r13=10.6 pm/V
Electrical Resistivity: about 1011-1012 ohm·cm
Static Half Wave Voltage at 1064 nm:
4x4x20 mm: 1,600 V
6x6x20 mm: 2,400 V
9x9x20 mm: 3,600 V
Extinction Ratio: >20dB @633nm

RTP Crystal Specifications

Dimension Tolerance: +0/-0.1mm(WxH) and+0.1/-0.2mm thickness
Surface Quality: 20-10 Scratch-dig
Flatness: <1/8 @633nm
Chamfer: 0.1mm@45deg.
Clear Aperture: Central 90% of Diameter
Parallelism: <10 arc seconds
Perpendicular: <10 arc minutes
Orientation Angle: +/-0.25deg.
AR coating: R<0.2%

RTP Crystal Order Information

OptoCity offer RTP E-O crystal, RTP pockels cells, thermal compensating RTP crystals. Please fill in the following form to request quote for RTP crystal.


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