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Wed May 17 2017
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Gold, Silver and Aluminum Mirror

Aluminum, Silver or Gold coating are simple mirror coating and are used in optical system as economy mirror. These metal coating are usually overcoated with SiO to make it damage resistant.

Gold coating has excellent reflectivity(98%-99%) throughout the infrared 0.7-10μm, but limited reflectivity at wavelengths shorter than 550 nm, resulting in the typical gold colour. Silver coating has a reflectivity of 95%-99% even into the far infrared, but suffers from decreasing reflectivity (<90%) in the blue and ultraviolet spectral regions. Aluminium is the cheapest and most common coating, and yields a reflectivity of around 88%-92% over the visible spectrum. Aluminum mirror are also good for UV light with UV enhenced coating.

Aluminum/Gold mirror reflectance


- Aluminum, Silver or Gold Coatings
- SiO Protective Overcoat or UV Enhanced Coating
- Flat or concave surface
- Round, Square or D-shape
- Concave mirrors with no chromatic aberration

Specifications of Aluminum, Gold Coated Mirror

Substrate Material: Borofloat 33
Diameter Tolerance: +0/-0.1mm
Front Surface Flatness: λ/10
Front Surface Quality: 20-10 Scratch Dig
Clear Aperture: >90% of Diameter

Aluminum/Gold mirror Order Information

OptoCity offers variety of Gold Mirror, Siliver Mirror, UV Enhenced Aluminum Mirror. Different size and substrate, Concave surface are available. Please send us an email to request for quote.

Aluminum concave mirror


1. Aluminum mirror

Φ12.7 x 3 mm Aluminum coated flat mirror


Φ25.4 x 6 mm Aluminum coated flat mirror


Φ50.8 x 9 mm Aluminum coated flat mirror


Φ76.2 x 9.5 mm Aluminum coated flat mirror


Additional message: qty. Radius, wavelength...


Aluminum/Gold mirror Inquiry

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