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Wed May 17 2017
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Crystal Oven & Temperature Controller

crystal oven

Crystal Oven & Temperature Controller are used for improving crystal performance, keeping moisture away, NCPM, tempaerture stability of Diode, etc. Crystal size from 3x3mm to 10x10mm, temperature range from room ambient to 200°C, stability +/-0.1°C. or economy temperature stabilized lens tube, ring holder for Φ12.7mm or Φ25.4mm optics. Temperature range from 40°C to 120°C. are offered by OptoCity.

Features of Crystal Oven

- High Stability of Crystal Temperature
- RS-232 & RS-485 Communications
- Programmable Color Display
- Programmable Ramp
- Low External Temperature
- Easy Crystal Exchange
- Custom Crystal Size
- Miniature Crystal Oven
Temperature Controller


- Non-Critical Phase Matching of LBO, LiNbO3...
- Fast temperature tuning of periodically oriented crystals (PPLN, PP-MgO:LN)
- Temperature tuning of Bragg grating wavelengths
- Thermostat of tuning temperature
- Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators, Electrical Components
crystal oven

Ovens are designed specifically for tuning and conditioning the periodically poled bulk devices (PPSLT, PPLN & PP-MgO:LN); NCPM of LBO, LiNbO3, MgO:LN; Thermostat of KTP, BBO, etc. Ovens can be designed to hold the crystal size from 2x2mm to 50x50mm, thickness from 0.1mm to 30mm. Autotune temperature controller provides temperature stabilization for the crystal with an accuracy of 0.1°C. The crystal temperature can be changed from room temperature to 200 °C.

Communication via USB is available upon request.

Crystal Oven Order Information

OptoCity design different kinds of crystal oven. Please talk to our engineer for details. Standard crystal oven is available in stock. Custom oven is available in 2-3 weeks. Please send us an email to request for quote.


1. Crystal Oven

VNT1035 Mini Crystal Oven Dia.10x35mm


VNT1235 Mini Crystal Oven Dia.12.7x35mm


VNT2035 Crystal Oven Dia.20x35mm


VNT2540 Crystal Oven Dia.25x40mm


VNT4045 Crystal Oven 45x40mm


Programmable Temperature Controller


Additional message: qty. wavelength, holder...


Crystal Oven Inquiry

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