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Wed May 17 2017
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Glan-Laser Polarizer

Glan-Laser Polarizer is a Glan-Taylor Polarizer that is specifically designed to deal with high-energy laser light. Glan-Laser polarizers are manufactured from select calcite, a-BBO, YVO4 crystals that must pass a laser scattering sensitivity test. Glan-Laser polarizers are ideal for applications requiring extremely high polarization purity, high damage threshold, and a broad wavelength range. Two polished side exit ports are provided to allow bidirectional use of the glan-laser polarizer. These side ports also ensure that the rejected light from high power lasers can safely exit the glan-laser polarizer.

Glan-Laser Polarizer

YVO4 Glan-Laser Polarizer with near Brewster's angle cut have superior polarization of the reflected beam and higher damage threshold. YVO4 Glan-Laser Polarizer is good for using as high power laser polarization beam splitter or combiner. a-BBO Glan-Laser Polarizer has highest damage threshold with UV laser, 200-2200 nm.

Specifications of Glan-Laser Polarizers

Polarizer Type: Glan Laser Polarizer
Material: a-BBO, Calcite or YVO4 crystal
Wavelength Range: a-BBO: 200-2200 nm, Calcite: 350-2200 nm, YVO4: 400-4500 nm
Beam Deviation: < 3 arc minute
Surface Quality: 20-10
Wavefront Distortion: < 1/4 @633nm
Acceptance Angle: 6 - 8 deg.
AR Coating: R< 0.5%
Extinction Ratio: > 55dB a-BBO YVO4, > 45dB Calcite
Damage Threshold: > 1GW/cm² a-BBO YVO4, > 500MW/cm² Calcite
Temperature Range: -50 deg. C to 80 deg. C
Mount: Black anodized aluminum

Standard Sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.7mm, 15mm, 20mm

High Transmission Glan-Laser Polarizer

High Transmission Glan-Laser Polarizers are altered Glan-Taylor Polarizer with Brewster angle cut prism interface for max transmission of high power laser. Two side exit windows are polished to allow bidirectional use of the glan-laser polarizer. High Transmission Glan-Laser Polarizers are used where high transmission is needed such as Q-switch and laser cavity dumping.

Glan-laser Polarizer Order Information


1. Glan-laser Polarizer

GLA6010, a-BBO 200-270nm Glan-Laser Polarizer


GLA6210, a-BBO 220-350nm Glan-Laser Polarizer


GLC7010, Clacite 350-2300nm Glan-Laser Polarizer


GLY8010, YVO4 450-4500nm Glan-Laser Polarizer


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