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Wed May 17 2017
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Glan-Thompson Polarizer

A Glan-Thompson polaizer consists of two cemented prisms that are made from high quality calcite or a-BBO crystal. Glan-Thompson polaizer tend to have higher extinction ratio than Glan-air polarizer. Another feature of Glan-Thompson polaizer is its wide field angle. Both a-BBO Glan-Thompson polaizer and Calcite Glan-Thompson polaizer are offered in OptoCity. These Glan-Thompson polarizers are available unmounted or mounted in a black anodized aluminum housing.

Features of Glan-Thompson Polarizer

- Wide Field of View
- High Extinction Ratio: 200,000:1
- Wavelength Range: a-BBO: 200-3300 nm, Calcite: 350-2300 nm
- Available Mounted & Unmounted

Specifications of Glan-Thompson Polarizer

Material: a-BBO, Calcite
Wavelength Range: a-BBO: 200-3300 nm, Calcite: 350-2300 nm
Beam Deviation: < 3 arc minute
Surface Quality: 20-10
Wavefront Distortion: < 1/4 @633 nm
Acceptance Angle: > 15°, Broadband:> 8°, Wide FOV: > 25°
Coating: Single Layer MgF2
Extinction Ratio: > 55dB (a-BBO), > 45dB (Calcite)
Damage Threshold: > 200 MW/cm²
Temperature Range: -50 deg. C to 80 deg. C
Mount: Optional black anodized aluminum

Glan-Thompson Polarizer-Beamsplitter

This Glan-Thompson Polarizer-beamsplitter is designed so it can be used similarly to polarizing beamsplitter cube. But the Glan-Thompson Polarizer-beamsplitter have high polarization purity both transmission beam and reflection beam. See also polarizing beamsplitter cube.

Glan-Thompson Polarizer Order Information


1. Glan-Thompson Polarizer

GMA6010, 200-1100nm Glan-Thompson Polarizer CA:10mm


GMA6210, 200-3300nm Broadband Glan-Thompson Polarizer


GMC7110, Calcite Glan-Thompson Polarizer CA:10mm


GMC7210, Wide FOV Glan-Thompson Polarizer CA:10mm


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2. Glan-Thompson Polarizing Beamsplitter

GPB7002 2x2x7mm Glan-Thompson Polarizing Beamsplitter


GPB7005 5x5x15mm Glan-Thompson Polarizing Beamsplitter


GPB7010 10x10x30mm Glan-Thompson Polarizing Beamsplitter


GPB7215 15x15x40mm Glan-Thompson Polarizing Beamsplitter


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