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Wed May 17 2017
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Polarized Glass

Polarized Glass is a modern type of absorptive polarizer made of elongated silver or copper nanoparticles embedded in thin glass plates. These polarizers are more durable, and can polarize light much better than plastic Polaroid film, achieving polarization ratios as high as 100,000:1 and absorption of correctly-polarized light as low as 1.5%. Such glass polarizers perform best for short-wavelength infrared light, and are widely used in optical fiber communications.

Polarized Glass

Polarized Glass Specifications

Thickness: 0.25mm+/-0.2mm
Wavefront distortion: <1/4@633nm
Beam deviation: <1 arc min.
Acceptance angle : ± 20°
Laser damage threshold:
a) Continuous wave (CW) 1 W/cm² continuous block 5 W/cm² continuous pass
b) Pulsed 1 MW/cm² pulse peak power
Operating temperature: -20°C to +120°C
Wavelength: UV:360-400 nm, VIS:475-650 nm, NIR:650-1700 nm,
1600-2500 nm, MIR:2000-4500 nm
Extinction Ratio: 30~50dB
AR Coating: Upon Request


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