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Reflective Prism

Reflective Prism

Reflective prisms are used to reflect light, in order to flip, invert, rotate, deviate or displace the light beam. One typical use is to erect the image in binoculars or single-lens reflex cameras - without the prisms the image would be upside down for the user.

Type of reflective prisms

The most common reflective prisms are:
- Porro prism
- Porro–Abbe prism
- Amici roof prism
Right Angle Prism - Penta prism and roof pentaprism
- Abbe-Koenig prism
- Schmidt-Pechan prism.
- Bauernfeind prism, half-penta prism or semi-penta prism. The Bauernfeind prism is commonly used in microscope tubes and in geodesy to deviate the path to the eyepiece in order make the device more ergonomic. A Bauernfeind prism with 45° beam deviation is also known as a half-penta prism or semipentaprism. A Bauernfeind prism is used together with a Schmidt roof prism to form a Schmidt-Pechan prism.
- Dove prism
- Retroreflector prism

Some reflective prisms are used for splitting a beam into two or more beams:

- Beam splitter cube
- Dichroic prism & Trichroic prism - a prism that splits light into two beams of differing wavelength (colour). They are usually constructed of one or more glass prisms with dichroic optical coatings that selectively reflect or transmit light depending on the light's wavelength. That is, certain surfaces within the prism act as dichroic filters. Trichroic prism are used as beam splitters in many optical instruments, such as camcorders and high-quality digital cameras.

Refective Prism General Specifications:

1) Material: N-BK7, UV Fused Silica etc.
2) Size: 2 to 100mm
3) Dimension Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
4) Angle Tolerance: up to 1 arc second
5) Clear Aperature: 90%
6) Flatness: < 1/4 @633nm
7) Surface Quality: 60/40, 40/20
8) Coating: upon customer's request

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