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Wed May 17 2017
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Polarization Rotator

Polarization Rotators are used to rotate the polarization axis of a linearly polarized light beam by an angle of choice. The polarization angle control is required for a variety of applications including ellipsometry, polarimetry, scattering measurements and component testing. Broadband Fresnel Rhombs Polarization Rotators, Quartz Polarization Rotator and common half waveplate are used for such polarization angle ratation.


Quartz Polarization Rotator

A crystal quartz polarization rotator is made so that light propagates along the optic axis. Quartz Polarization Rotator rotates the input polarization proportionally to the optical path. Quartz rotator's rotatory power is a function of wavelength, varying nearly as the inverse square of the wavelength. A practical feature of rotators is that unlike half wave plates their rotation is independent of orientation. Another feature is that in contrast to quarter wave plates their action is undone upon a second transmission in the reverse direction. Thus it can be made cumulative upon repeated passes only in the same direction, as in ring lasers. It is relatively insensitive to temperature.

Features of Quartz Polarization Rotator

- Fixed rotation angle 45deg. or 90deg.
- Independent of polarization direction

Specifications of Quartz Polarization Rotator

Material: optical grade Quartz
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.1mm
Parallelism: 1 arc second
Surface Quality: 10-5
Clear Aperture: >90% (80% with mount)
Wavefront Distortion: λ/8 @633 nm
Rotation Angle Accuracy: 5 minutes
Coating: AR-coated R<0.2%
Mount: Optional
Wavelegth Range: 400-1550nm
Standard Rotator Size: Φ12.7, Φ25.4, Φ50.8 mm
Standard Rotation Angle: 45° or 90°
Standard Rotator Wavelength: 532nm 633nm 1064nm etc.


45° Polarization Rotator

WPR4512, 45deg. Φ0.5" Polarization Rotator


WPR4525, 45deg. Φ1.0" Polarization Rotator


WPR4538, 45deg. Φ1.5" Polarization Rotator


WPR4550, 45deg. Φ2.0" Polarization Rotator


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90° Polarization Rotator

WPR9012, 90° Φ0.5" Polarization Rotator


WPR9025, 90° Φ1.0" Polarization Rotator


WPR9038, 90° Φ1.5" Polarization Rotator


WPR9050, 90° Φ2.0" Polarization Rotator


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