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Wed May 17 2017
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Achromatic waveplate

Achromatic waveplate is made of two or more matched birefringent crystals, where the retardation changes are minimized as the wavelength changes. These achromatic waveplates are used for tunable lasers, multiple laser-lines and other broad spectrum sources. Super-achromatic waveplate consists of three achromatic waveplates based on Pancharatnama's design is used for modulator in polarimeter.


Features of Achromatic waveplate

- Wide spectral bandwidth
- Low temperature sensitivity
- Large sizes available

Specifications of Achromatic waveplate

Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.1mm
Parallelism: <1 arc second
Surface Quality: 40-20
Wavefront Distortion: λ/8@633nm
Retardation Variation: λ/100 wave
Clear Aperture: 90% central
Coating: Broadband AR-coating R<0.5%
Mount: Black anodized aluminum
standard wavelength: 450-680nm, 700-1000nm, 950-1300nm, 1200-1650nm, 400-2500nm.

Achromatic waveplate Order Information

OptoCity offer standard and custom design achromatic waveplates. Please contact our sales for more information.


1. λ/4 Achromatic Waveplate

AWP212Q λ/4 Dia.12.7mm Achromatic Quarter waveplate


AWP225Q λ/4 Dia.25.4mm Achromatic Quarter waveplate


SWP225Q λ/4 Dia.25.4mm Super achromatic Quarter waveplate


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2. λ/2 Achromatic Waveplate

AWP212H λ/2 Dia.12.7mm Achromatic Half waveplate


AWP225H λ/2 Dia.25.4mm Achromatic Half waveplate


SWP225H λ/2 Dia.25.4mm Super achromatic Half waveplate


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