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Quartz Waveplate Calculator

Input Parameters

Wavelength nm
Retardation wave
Retardation Tolerance wave


Actual Retardation wave
Waveplate Thickness μm
Thickness Tolerance μm


Waveplate calculator helps design the thickness of quartz waveplates. Above waveplate calculator resources from public Sellmeier's equation. It calculates the thickness of quartz waveplate. However results from the waveplate calculator are for reference only, Optocity is not reponsible for any results from this waveplate calculator.

Waveplate retardation can be measured by polarization analyser. OptoCity use home-made polarization analyser, which measures quartz waveplate thickness tolerance up to 0.05 micron.

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Notes: *OptoCity offers standard and custom made waveplate(optical retarder) at very competitive price, please contact our professional staff for more information.

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