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Wed May 17 2017
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Variable Waveplate

Variable waveplate is tunable retarder with a variable (controlled) birefringence or thickness. Variable waveplates can be used to tune a quarter-waveplate or half-waveplate to a specific wavelength of light, shift the retardation value for a single wavelength of light, or as a pure phase modulator for a linear polarized light beam. There are different kinds of variable waveplates.


Berek Tunable Waveplate

The Berek tunable waveplate consists of a plate of uniaxial crystalline material with faces that are perpendicular to the optic axis. At normal incidence, the Berek variable waveplate is isotropic and introduces zero phase retardance. The birefringence is varied by tilting the plate. Berek tunable Waveplate is variable true zero order waveplate.

Electrically Controllable Waveplate

The electrically controllable waveplate (also called active retarder or voltage-controlled waveplate) is a variable waveplate that its phase retardation can be actively controlled by varying the applied voltage. Electro-optic crystal or liquid crystal are used for making such variable waveplate. Pockel Cell and Photoelastic modulator(PEM) are Electrically Controllable Waveplates.

Soleil-Babinet Compensator

The Soleil-Babinet compensator is a continuously variable, zero-order retarder (waveplate) that operates over a broad wavelength range. The classical design of the compensator consists of a long birefringent wedge and a fixed wedge mounted to a compensator plate. The retardance is adjusted by moving the position of the long wedge relative to the short wedge. This allows the retardation to vary continuously while maintaining a uniform retardance across the aperture at any given setting.

Variable waveplate can be used to compensate precisely for small phase shifts produced by other optics. Vary the retardation and orientation of the waveplate to produce very small retardation until system is optimized. Combined with polarizer or polarizing beamsplitter, variable waveplate can be used for making devices such as Variable Attenuator.


1. λ/4 Variable waveplate

WPV208Q λ/4 Φ8.0 Variable waveplate


WPV212Q λ/4 Φ12.7 Variable waveplate


WPV215Q λ/4 Φ15.0 Variable waveplate


WPV220Q λ/4 Φ20.0 Variable waveplate


WPV225Q λ/4 Φ25.4 Variable waveplate


WPV251Q λ/4 Φ50.8 Variable waveplate


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2. λ/2 Variable waveplate

WPV208H λ/2 Φ8.0 Variable waveplate


WPV212H λ/2 Φ12.7 Variable waveplate


WPV215H λ/2 Φ15.0 Variable waveplate


WPV220H λ/2 Φ20.0 Variable waveplate


WPV225H λ/2 Φ25.4 Variable waveplate


WPV251H λ/2 Φ50.8 Variable waveplate


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