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Wed May 17 2017
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About Us

OptoCity is specialized in crystals and optical components. We make the highest quality crystals and optical components to meet with customer's special requirement. From prototype to volume production, our engineer design every process carefully and efficiently, and our managing system guaranteed every process go smoothly. We response to your requests quickly and flexibly.

Wide selection of material

Our team is familiar with most of the optical material and fabrication. Equipped with advanced facilities and quality management system, we commit to give our customer quality products, on time delivery and reasonable price.

Cost Control

OptoCity offer precise crystals and optical components at very competitive price. At OptoCity we spend every penny wisely thus we are able to control our cost while keeping the best quality & performance.

Crystal Growth

Our unique work starts from material prepairing and crystal growth. OptoCity use the highest quality crystal for making our precise crystal and related optical components.

Crystal and Optical Components

OptoCity provide a full optical fabrication facility to meet your precison optical requirements. We fabricate a vast range of custom and stock precision optical components from the widest variety of materials: Crystal, Glass, Transparent ceramic, Optical plastic, etc. We can also work with materials supplied by customer.

Optical Coating

Optocity provide custom coating services. Coating types include single layer MgF2 coating, metal coating and advanced dielectric coating:

- Band Pass/Band Reject Filter Coatings
- Dichroic Filter/Mirror/Beamsplitter Coatings
- Long-wave Pass Filter Coatings (LWP Filter Coatings)
- Short-wave Pass Filter Coatings (SWP Filter Coatings)
- Multi-Band Thin Film Coatings
- Trichroic Filter Thin Film Coatings
- UV - IR Laser Mirror
- Ultra-Fast Laser Mirror

Optical Sub-Aassembly

OptoCity offer Custom Optical Sub-Assembly to help customer:

- Minimize optic handling & reduce the risks such as damage and contamination
- Reduce the potential for distorting the optic within the assembly
- Enable mounted optic testing
- Lower assembly cost

Our engineering staff is experienced in the manufacturing techniques that produce repeatable and dependable products. We fabricate optical components, design thin film coating, design unique mount and assembly procedures. Optical sub-assemblies are performed in Class 10,000 clean rooms and on Class 1,000 Laminar Flow benches, ensuring that our customers receive high quality products every time.

Quality Assurance & Customer Service

From material selection to shipping, every piece of the crystal and optical component are under strict control in OptoCity. We have experience in engineering design, fabrication and assembly of crystals and optical components. We guaranteed every piece of crystal or optical component is defective free both material and workmanship before it leave OptoCity.

Please ask a Return Material Authorization number to return anything purchased from us within 30 days if it proves defective in material or don't meet specs. We value you as a customer and base on that our business begins and retains year after year. We commit to provide our customers with the best crystal and optical components, plus excellent customer service which you deserve.


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