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Wed May 17 2017
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Fluorescence Imaging Filters

Fluorescence Imaging Filter

Fluorescence Imaging Filters including Excitation, Emission, and Dichroic Filter, are designed specifically for use in fluorescence imaging applications. An illumination (or excitation) filter ensures the illumination is near monochromatic and at the correct wavelength, and emission (or barrier) filter ensures none of the excitation light source reaches the detector. The dichroic filter reflects the excitation band while transmits the emission band.

Specifications Fluorescence Imaging Filters

Size: Φ12mm, Φ25mm
Thickness: 6mm
Angle of Incidence(AOI): 0°, 45° +/-5°
Surface Quality: 60-40 Scratch-Dig
Clear Aperature: 80%
Blocking: OD6
Fluorescence Imaging Filter
Check Box Application Excitation Bandpass Emmision Bandpass DichroicFilter Cut-On
DAPI 340-390nm 435-485nm 412nm
CFP 426-450nm 467-498nm 458nm
GFP 458-487nm 502-538nm 495nm
FAM,SYBR 452-482nm 512-532nm 492nm
FITC 467-498nm 513-556nm 506nm
YFP 488-512nm 532-554nm 520nm
HEX,VIC 510-530nm 551-571nm 540nm
CY3 513-556nm 570-613nm 562nm
TAMRA,JOE 530-550nm 571-591nm 560nm
TRIT 505-555nm 578-633nm 567nm
TRITC 532-554nm 570-613nm 562nm
TEX RED 542-582nm 604-644nm 593nm
TEX RED,ROX 558-578nm 599-619nm 585nm
mCherry 542-582nm 603-678nm 593nm
CY5 604-644nm 672-712nm 660nm
CY5.5 635-675nm 696-736nm 685nm
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