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Wed May 17 2017
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Coating Services

Optical thin film coating is often the last and most expensive process in optical components fabrication. The performance of a coating much relys on experiences, optical parts cleaning system and the coating machine. The stability of material evaporation (by resistive heating, heating with an electron beam, Ion-assisted deposition (IAD), Ion beam sputtering(IBS) etc.) and the ability of thickness control determent how complicate of a coating can be achieved. Some coating design over few hundred of layers, the machine stability and thickness control should be very accurate.

Example of Coating Types

i. Anti-Reflective Coating

Dielectric Coating - Single Layer MgF2 AR Coating
- Single wavelength AR Coating
- Dual wavelength AR Coating
- Broadband AR Coating

ii. HR mirrors

- Diode Pumped Laser Optics Coating
- Partial-Reflective Coating
- Dielectric High Reflective Coating
- Metallic High Reflective Coating

iii. Beamsplitter Coating

- Polarization beam splitter coating
- None polarizing beamsplitter coating
- Cube Beamsplitter coating
- High Extinction PBS Coating

iv. Filters

- Band Pass Filter Coatings
- Band Reject Filter Coatings
- Dichroic Filter Coatings
- Long-wave Pass Filter Coatings (LWP)
- Short-wave Pass Filter Coatings (SWP)
- Multi-Band Thin Film Coatings
- Trichroic Filter Thin Film Coatings

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Custom Coating Inquiry

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